Food Truck Urbanism

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Miami Street Food Court by Burger Beast 300x225 Food Truck Urbanism

Miami Street Food Court at Bird Road and 65th Ave in Miami/Sef Gonzalez a.k.a. Burger Beast (appeared on


Improving the livability of South Florida starts on the street.

Street food gets people out on the street.

Despite complaints, food trucks have great potential in South Florida cities. If not for what they are—gourmet food at bargain prices—for what they could be.

Food trucks are a way to:

  1. Support small, locally-owned businesses and start-ups
  2. Empower our ethnically diverse communities to showcase their culinary offerings
  3. Provide bargain lunches for office workers, students and budget travelers
  4. Enhance the fabric of community by creating vibrant downtowns
  5. Increase walkability and pedestrian foot-traffic near retail centers
  6. Turn underutilized property into a community service rather than liability

In order to fully embrace the food truck phenomenon South Florida should:

Make it official. Regulate food trucks and create a website for all existing and new food trucks to register and obtain proper permitting in timely fashion. The website should also let each business create a public profile that includes their locations and menus.

Create space. Offer food trucks surface space on which four to six trucks can be stationed throughout downtown and other key business areas at peak eating hours. Food trucks are a great way inject new life into empty parking lots and underperforming or underwater properties while providing a community service.

Craft a new tourist attraction. We have tours of everything else; why not add a food truck tour to the mix for travelers looking to experience Miami’s culinary offerings at an affordable price?

Partner with local colleges. Enable mobile food courts at FIU, UM, FAU and Barry University. No one will appreciate a $5-$7 meal more than broke and hungry college students.

Rally the troops for a cause. Invite food trucks to participate at local philanthropic events and fundraisers like those held by the police or fire department and the humane society.

Although there are a lot of places where these things could take place, the preliminary brainstorming starts here. Weaving food trucks into the fabric of our community is a process and plan that needs to be developed locally to address small-scale improvements to the way people choose to live.

Act now. Reach out to your local commissioner to support food trucks coming to a neighborhood near you.

Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners

Broward County Commissioners


 Food Truck Urbanism

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