A Bike-Friendly South Miami: Let’s make it happen!

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Surely South Miami bikers consider the risks before hoping on their bikes for a short ride around their neighborhood.  Aggressive drivers, congested roads and the absence of bike lanes are just a few of the things these local bikers must brave.

A new online petition created by The South Florida Bike Coalition aims to help. Below is the overview:

“The City of South Miami is home to more than 10,000 people and is a destination for work, play and shopping for thousands of more people across the Greater Miami area.

A city that is truly bicycle-friendly is safer and healthier for everyone – for people who walk, run, bicycle, drive cars or just simply spend time in the public spaces.

We the undersigned promote making the City of South Miami a League of American Bicyclists- recognized ‘Bike Friendly City’. We support the Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities (PDF)  and would like to see traffic calming in our streets so we may safely walk and bike for recreation as well as going about our daily needs. We also pledge to drive responsibly wherever we are to enable others to walk, bike and drive safely across South Florida.

We ask the City of South Miami Commission to make a nationally-recognized designation of ‘bike-friendly city’ a priority and to implement coordinated efforts across municipal government to make this happen.”

Sound good to you? If so, click here to sign the petition, and let’s make this happen!

 A Bike Friendly South Miami: Lets make it happen!

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