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How to turn your vessel into a solar powered boat

Okay, I'm no sailor but we do live in Florida and we have a lot of boats. Inspired by my previous post, Oh no! We missed the World's largest solar powered yacht, I've decided to figure out how we turn all of our floating friends into an ode to solar power and the environment. Greening South Florida's marianas starts with powering our boats in an eco-friendly way. Why not solar? It's benefits include: Fuel savings (gas is getting too expensive!) No more noise (its annoying) Reduced carbon emissions (yay!) Reduced risk of engine failure (i.e. permanently powered hand-helds, no more fears of being stranded at sea) Steps: Figure out how many solar ...

Big progress on SunRail Project in Central Florida

Governor Rick Scott has approved a public transportation project. On Friday, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) announced that the Florida governor approved a $1.28-billion rail project in Central Florida after recently rejecting federal money for a Tampa-Orlando high speed rail. So who's paying for it? The major funding partners for the project are FDOT, the Federal Transit Administration, Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Osceola counties and the city of Orlando. What is it? SunRail is a commuter rail transit project that will run along a 61-mile stretch of ...

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