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How Glades Restoration Would Impact One Snail-Loving Hawk

This is the first in the Quirky Flamingo's series on how Everglades Restoration would change the wildlife and landscape of South Florida's River of Grass. The Everglades Snail Kite would probably be one of the first species to benefit directly from efforts to return the Everglades to its natural flow. When—or if—political and budgetary hurdles are cleared, and Everglades restoration plans come to fruition, the Everglades Snail Kite would soon see an upward turn in its population of less than 800 adults.

May 20 is Endangered Species Day

May 20, 2011 is Endangered Species Day. Perhaps the most famous endangered Everglades critter is the Florida Panther. In the spirit of the day, we're re-posting a great article on the Panther by independent journalist Bob Berwyn. Last Stand for the Florida Panther? By Bob Berwyn SUMMIT COUNTY — Florida panthers are close to making their last stand in the swampy grasslands and forests of the Everglades. At least 23 panthers were ...

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Sun setting at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

The thick clouds draped over the horizon have made for some wonderful Galdes sunsets the past few days. It was a little cooler, dropping down a few temps as the sun dropped.  Of course early evening is the best time to see wildlife, and up in the dusk sky I spotted an Everglades Snail Kite, Pileated Woodpecker, Red-headed Woodpecker, and dozens of herons and bitterns, as ...

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Photo from the Big Cypress Fire

Everglades photographer John Brady captured this telling photo from the Big Cypress forest fire last week. 37,000 acres of the Big Cypress Preserve burned for several weeks during the Jarhead Fire. Brady, of Everglades Gallery, went out to the Glades at dusk last Wednesday to shoot this photo on the southeast corner of the forest fire. The fire was started by a lightning strike April 26, and the fire was 95-percent contained by the end of last week. Although the blaze decreased visibility as far east as South Beach ...

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