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Rescued Florida panther, now 12 months old, will graduate to the wild

The rescued Florida Panther Kitten that I wrote about last month is set to be released into the wild soon. "He's grown up," Steve Steve Shurter, Director of White Oak Conservation Center, said Monday. The kitten, now 12 months old and about 85 pounds, was rescued from the Big Cypress National Preserve in the fall after its mother was killed. The Big Cypress National Preserve Panther Rescue Team, along with volunteers, rescued the kitten. The kitten was scrawny and malnourished, unable to hunt on his own. After spending several months at ...

Panther Kitten Rescued, and Learning to Hunt on Its Own

I wrote about the Florida Panther kittens that died in the Jarhead Big Cypress forest fire, so now I’m glad to report on another panther kitten that was lifted out of harm's ways twice. The kitten was first rescued by wildlife officials and volunteers in October after his mother was killed in a fight with another panther, and again rescued after a tree fell on his pen at a recovery facility in northeast Florida. The panther, still less than six months old, is back at the White Oak Conservation Center learning how to hunt and capture prey on its own, according to ...

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