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A Bike-Friendly South Miami: Let’s make it happen!

Surely South Miami bikers consider the risks before hoping on their bikes for a short ride around their neighborhood.  Aggressive drivers, congested roads and the absence of bike lanes are just a few of the things these local bikers must brave. A new online petition created by The South Florida Bike Coalition aims to help. Below is the overview: "The City of South Miami is home to more than 10,000 people and is a destination for work, play and shopping for thousands of more people across the Greater Miami area. A city that is truly bicycle-friendly is safer and ...

Steal with Pride: Notes from a weekend in New York City

(At random outdoor New York City café) Patty: Do you smell that? Mette: Hmmm…yes. Patty: It smells putrid. Mette: I think New York City smells like old cheese. Patty: And yet, people love it.   I love it. I love the dirty, crowded streets and over paying for food at Dean & Deluca. I love wandering aimlessly past inner city gardens and interracial couples. I love being suckered into attending sub-par comedy shows and wasting into the night talking to strangers. I love the mom n' pop shops, the crude bartenders ...

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