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Your Chance to Make Miami Even Better

If you've lived in Miami for any length of time, you probably have some ideas on ways to make it better. On occasion, you may have thought, "Why aren't there bike lanes here?" "How are people supposed to get around on public transportation that runs on this kind of schedule?" "Why live in downtown Miami when I can't find a job that pays me enough to cover the rent?" Here's your chance to voice these concerns. The Beacon Council is inviting Miami-Dade County residents to share their thoughts about their One Community One Goal project, which aims to ...

Food Truck Urbanism

  Improving the livability of South Florida starts on the street. Street food gets people out on the street. Despite complaints, food trucks have great potential in South Florida cities. If not for what they are—gourmet food at bargain prices—for what they could be. Food trucks are a way to: Support small, locally-owned businesses and start-ups Empower our ethnically diverse communities to showcase their culinary offerings Provide bargain lunches for office workers, students and budget ...

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