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Steal With Pride (Part 3): Community Gardens

New York Restoration Project (NYRP): Community gardening has a long history in New York City – dating back to the economic depressions of the 1890s and 1930s when many citizens were permitted to grow food on city-owned land to help sustain their struggling families. Two World Wars brought about Liberty and Victory Gardens not only in New York City, but in municipalities throughout the United States. During World War II, American families grew 80 million pounds of food in their Victory Gardens – representing an astounding 44 percent of the country’s entire food ...

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Steal with Pride: Notes from a weekend in New York City

(At random outdoor New York City café) Patty: Do you smell that? Mette: Hmmm…yes. Patty: It smells putrid. Mette: I think New York City smells like old cheese. Patty: And yet, people love it.   I love it. I love the dirty, crowded streets and over paying for food at Dean & Deluca. I love wandering aimlessly past inner city gardens and interracial couples. I love being suckered into attending sub-par comedy shows and wasting into the night talking to strangers. I love the mom n' pop shops, the crude bartenders ...

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